Infiswift is rethinking IoT from the ground up

Implementing IoT in the real world has many challenges like intermittent connectivity, low power availability, and smarts needed on the edge rather than in the cloud. Having experienced these obstacles in the past growing large scale implementations in industries like energy and smart home, we wanted to rethink the platform that IoT services are built on. Infiswift, a platform that connects and manages any endpoints you can dream of securely and at scale, was the result. A unique architecture enables world-class security and scalability with a powerful development environment and analytics front end for custom implementations. The ultra-lightweight design and extremely efficient operation make it ideal for intermittently connected and power deficient environments that require real-time operation. We think it’s a really cool solution and hope you’ll reach out below to learn more!


Our vision is a seamlessly interconnected world of devices, users, and data.


Our mission is to make it simple for any individual or organization to enhance physical things with connectivity and data.

Why use the infiswift platform?

Why use the infiswift platform?

The world of connected devices is young and evolving very quickly. Software needs to ship faster and faster to keep up. We want to make sure your services get the real-time, scalable and secure foundation they need to deliver enterprise-grade value. Whether it’s real-time monitoring, collaboration, or data streaming, infiswift empowers you to develop, deploy and scale to enterprise standards.

If you have a question or think infiswift might be able to help connect your solution
please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!