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We’re always looking for bright and motivated people to join the team. Some open positions are listed below.

Hardware Engineer


San Ramon, CA


Seeking an energetic and self-driven embedded hardware engineer to join a small team that’s helping customers connect to the Internet of Things. Different customers have different needs, and often need custom hardware to connect their devices to the cloud. These can be small, low-power clients, larger gateway devices, or anything in between. You would be the resident expert when it comes to hardware design, component selection, and managing outside vendors to get these designs made.

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • Work with customers to determine their needs
  • Design embedded circuits to meet a wide range of customer requirements
  • Address environmental concerns such as vibration, temperature, and voltage spikes
  • Design custom PCBs to implement these designs
  • Manage external vendors to get these designs manufactured
  • Work closely with firmware and software teams to integrate this hardware into a complete solution
  • Explain design choices to technical and non-technical people


  • Knowledge of various wireless technologies, such as Wifi, cellular data (GPRS, 3G, etc.), z-wave, SigFox, Zigbee
  • Knowledge of hardware design options to support low power, embedded security, dirty power sources, etc.
  • Ability support the design of enclosures, connectors, and other items related to a final, packaged, product
  • Demonstrated success in building prototype circuit boards
  • At least 5 years of experience designing embedded hardware
  • Ability to use oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and other basic lab equipment to debug hardware
  • Adequate soldering skills to support prototyping efforts
  • Ability to independently plan, manage and complete projects on time
  • Ability to communicate embedded software ideas to non-technical people, and technical people not well-versed in embedded hardware
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently


  • San Ramon
  • Minimal travel will be required


  • Contract/Consulting to hire
  • Hourly rate of $70-80/hr (depending on experience)

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