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SJAOWEYUSHAHow Infiswift Supercharged Its Analytics for IoT Applications
By: Mike Boyarski – Business demands put extra pressure on the infiswift platform to process data quickly, including device authentication and state. Equipment messages come every second or subsecond driving the requirement for a high-throughput memory-optimized database.
SJAOWEYUSHAStreamlining IoT device provisioning
By: Phil Dawsey – To reach the billions of IoT devices expected, there are a variety of challenges to overcome – one of which is how to provision and bring online all these new devices. This process as currently designed can be a challenge at scale.
SJAOWEYUSHAIoT to grow out of awkward adolescence in 2018 and other trends for the new year
By: Arup Barat – A lot of people and companies are super excited about IoT, but we didn’t figure out how to build mobile ecosystems overnight, and it’s likewise taken a few years to get comfortable with IoT. In 2018 though, it feels like we’re ready to build at scale.
SJAOWEYUSHATop 5 Reasons Your Solar System May Not be Performing to its Full Potential
By: Sorrebh Samdani – Understanding solar system performance is complicated because it has a complex relationship with weather and equipment configuration. You may generate more energy than a previous year, but that doesn’t mean the system is performing to its full potential.
SJAOWEYUSHAInfiswift Announces swiftPV to Modernize Solar PV Performance Management for India
By: Philip Dawsey – New IoT technology connects any data source at low cost and uses detailed visualizations for quick analysis and action. At Intersolar India, infiswift, is launching swiftPV, a software suite that uses IoT technology to change how the solar industry uses data with PV systems.
SJAOWEYUSHAThe future of Halloween using IoT and AI
By: Phil Dawsey – Think of walking into a haunted house and a mummy pops out at you. Ok, not that scary and you don’t even blink. As you move to the next room things start to ramp up with flashing lights, things grabbing you and more. Your 8-year-old niece in her princess costume is
SJAOWEYUSHAHow can IoT improve hurricane preparation and response?
By: Arup Barat – Hurricanes, as we know, wreak havoc on the people and economies affected. In this age of technology, data and insight, preparation and response should be vastly improved, even if hurricanes are stronger and more common than in the past.
SJAOWEYUSHAAmazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will bring AI technology to grocery stores
By: Philip Dawsey – Amazon has big plans for the future of grocery stores – the company’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods serves as proof. We can expect AI and IoT technology to be integrated into future iterations of Whole Foods and the broader Amazon family of services.
SJAOWEYUSHAInfiswift Announces swiftPV to Modernize Solar PV Performance Management
By: Philip Dawsey – New IoT technology drastically lowers the cost of data acquisition from any source and offers direct database access for quick analysis and action. SwiftPV leverages IoT technology to change how the solar industry uses data to optimize the performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

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