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SJAOWEYUSHAThe future of Halloween using IoT and AI
By: Phil Dawsey – Think of walking into a haunted house and a mummy pops out at you. Ok, not that scary and you don’t even blink. As you move to the next room things start to ramp up with flashing lights, things grabbing you and more. Your 8-year-old niece in her princess costume is
SJAOWEYUSHAHow can IoT improve hurricane preparation and response?
By: Arup Barat – Hurricanes, as we know, wreak havoc on the people and economies affected. In this age of technology, data and insight, preparation and response should be vastly improved, even if hurricanes are stronger and more common than in the past.
SJAOWEYUSHAAmazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will bring AI technology to grocery stores
By: Philip Dawsey – Amazon has big plans for the future of grocery stores – the company’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods serves as proof. We can expect AI and IoT technology to be integrated into future iterations of Whole Foods and the broader Amazon family of services.
SJAOWEYUSHAInfiswift Announces swiftPV to Modernize Solar PV Performance Management
By: Philip Dawsey – New IoT technology drastically lowers the cost of data acquisition from any source and offers direct database access for quick analysis and action. SwiftPV leverages IoT technology to change how the solar industry uses data to optimize the performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems.
SJAOWEYUSHAFighting pests with the internet of things
By: Arup Barat – I read an article on the rat problem recently. It detailed an innovative solution to fighting rats that spread disease and devastate our crops. Until now, the primary solution has been to use poison and traps, but clearly that hasn’t worked.
SJAOWEYUSHALeveraging IoT to Improve Data Collection for Agriculture
By: Dave Sheehan – Between population growth and climate change, farms of all sizes are being challenged to increase yields. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are showing promise in addressing these challenges, particularly with the use of field sensors.
SJAOWEYUSHAUsing an IoT Platform to Optimize Enterprise Operations
By: Arup Barat – At Infiswift we are focused on really bringing the innovations of IoT and modern data technologies to verticals that are starved for IT driven solutions. Companies are looking to optimize the use of their assets and understand the value of doing real-time sensing…
SJAOWEYUSHADon’t think about IoT without UX design – a chat with infiswift
By: Jon Reed – UX for IoT raises some tricky questions. When we’re designing for the Internet of Things, are we going for automation and eliminating a human UI entirely? And how do we account for the range of devices and industries?
SJAOWEYUSHAQ&A with Arup Barat, CEO of infiswift
By: Arup Barat – We speak with Arup Barat, CEO at infiswift, to topics from their partnership with Libelium to their new platform technology and future plans to taking a look at industry trends.

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