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  • We provide the plumbing to connect and manage things. Any service leveraging connected things must build a back-end infrastructure to manage their communications. Infiswift is a flexible platform that leverages our experience in the space and keeps you up to date with a cutting-edge back-end architecture. This removes one big hurdle for those looking to develop IoT solutions that require enterprise-grade, real-time, scalable and secure connectivity.

  • Infiswift is a platform that has been built from the ground up rather than using off the shelf components and sticking a dashboard on it. While there are over 200 platforms, there are only a handful of brokers that actually do the routing and management of messages. We have done benchmark testing to compare to some other key players and seen significantly better performance and scalability. In the tests, we have sent 96,000,000 messages per second, so you’ll know we can back up our talk! Other differentiators include enterprise security capabilities as well as the tiny software footprint (<2kb broker footprint) for ultra-efficient operation.

  • Infiswift prefers MQTT as our standard for IoT applications but will support additional protocols as the situation requires. MQTT is preferred because it is fairly mature, lightweight, open, simple, and designed to be easy to implement for IoT specifically. HTTP, on the other hand, uses much larger amounts of data with a large header and a power consuming request/response protocol. CoAP and other standards are still evolving and don’t seem to be more efficient than MQTT. Get a brief overview of MQTT on our resources page here.

  • Infiswift uses JSON because it is very well suited for IoT. It is much easier and faster for machines to read and write. Data transfer is also very compact and lightweight.

  • As long as you have any MQTT client on the device, you can connect it. We recommend using the infiswift client as it’s much lighter weight and connects more seamlessly. Desktop and mobile client applications are available from the swiftLab. We provide device APIs to suit more common hardware but if you have a specific device you’d like us to prioritize, please message us below.
  • Infiswift is compatible with any protocol. Devices connecting using WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, LTE, Bluetooth, LoRA and more can all communicate using the infiswift platform. We most commonly operate out of the TCP/IP layer but support the full range of network and transport protocols.

  • We currently have APIs for node.js, Java, and C with more coming soon.

  • Almost any hardware should be compatible, but we have certified Intel Edison, Samsung ARTIK, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino among others.

  • No, the tiny broker footprint allows for local IoT implementations that don’t require the cloud. As computing moves to the edge, this capability sets the infiswift product apart. Generally, however, the broker will reside in the cloud for most applications and implementations.

  • Yes, communication is bi-directional, multipoint and multidimensional. Communication can be restricted based on permissions defined by the system administrators.

  • If you log into your swiftLab, our documentation, community and knowledge base should have you covered. If you have a more detailed question that hasn’t been answered, please message us below.

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