The professional services for industry-specific custom solutions

You will not be developing your IoT integration alone with our professional services. Infiswift offers a variety of services to develop custom IoT implementations and solutions for industry-specific verticals either directly or via a certified third party. Projects generally include some or all of the key steps below.

Situational Analysis
Understand operational parameters and customer needs
Platform ​​​​​​​Optimization
Customize the back end to operate most efficiently
Software ​​​​​​​Development
Develop custom dashboards & a front-end for easy use that fits the customer needs
Hardware ​​​​​​​Management
Identify ideal hardware for use in the system
Process Definition
Setup processes to scale, operate and modify the solution over time
Educate power users and technical staff for day-to-day use and system operation
Continuously maintain and improve the platform
24/7 direct line access via email or phone with response time guarantees
Custom Engagement
Additional services from marketing and strategy to implementation and operations

Rather than developing your solution with a general IoT platform, take advantage of our industry-specific solutions. These solutions contain pre-built analytics, dashboards, rules, devices, and more that are commonly required in each industry vertical.

Enterprises with a team of engineers can add a solution on the IoT platform foundation to get a head start or those without such a team can take advantage of our professional services to customize one just for you. Browse a few of our toolboxes below:

We’re here to help you build your complex vertical solution!